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The Women of Standard Network Presents...
This Event is SOLD OUT missed out this time but be the first to know when the next dates for the "Conversations with Boss Women" event takes place.
Did You miss the live event? No problem! Conversations with BOSS Women is coming to you virtually where you can enjoy right from the comfort of your own home!

Attendees walked away with clarity, action steps & had every one of their questions answered by our team of professionals.
Over 8 Different Perspectives Of AMAZING info that will Inspire You to Take the Plunge and Monetize the Message that is Known as YOUR STORY! Every time you read this book, you'll be even MORE motivated and inspired to launch your vision!
Join Us for Conversations with Boss Women!
Interested in learning how you can take some of the most painful experiences in your life and turn them around to work in your favor? Maybe you have dealt with some traumatic situations that left you feeling as if you would never be anything, that you would never recover OR that you would always be stuck in the gutter. Well enters the The Entrepreneur Blueprint to the rescue!
During This 2 Hour Virtual Training You Will Learn:
  •  How to Identify & Profit From Your Passion
  •  Turn Your Social Media "Likes" Into Profit
  •  Incorporate Your Personal Story Into Your Brand
  •  Maximize Your Online Presence
  •  Monetize Your Message
  •  Write a Book & Launch Your Business
  •  Build a Business While Working a 9 to 5
Join Carla for a Special Session:
"BOSS Strategies That Lead to a Profitable Business"
Registration Fee: $50.00
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Carla R. Cannon
Meet Carla R. Cannon, also known as “The Trailblazer” who is committed to equipping, building and strengthening individuals from the pulpit to the marketplace on how to operate authentically and un-apologetically in their divine calling with a spirit of excellence!

Having the courage to share her story publicly is what launched Carla into full time entrepreneurship and caused her to develop her storm into a story, her mess into a movement and her pain into power! Guess what else? She now shares how YOU CAN TOO!

Learn more about Carla at
Who Is This Seminar For?
  •  Aspiring, Emerging & Established Entrepreneurs
  • If You Are Thinking About Launching a Business
  •  For Those Who Have Launched
  •  For Those Who Want to Excel and Scale in Business!
Guest Speakers
Here are two fabulous minds who will be coming together along with The Trailblazer, Carla R. Cannon to collaborate and share on entrepreneurship and help inspire you to greatness!!!
Session Topic: 5 Steps to Building a BOSSalicious Business
SAMIRA L. JONES - Author | Relationship & Life Strategist

Samira Jones is a thought leader that encourages and challenges women across the globe to live their best lives despite what encounters they may be faced with. She believes that the way in which we receive life is all perception, and we either allow that perception to build or terminate our divine destiny.
Jones is also the Author of “Tough Skin, A Journey of Survival and Persevering Life’s Challenges”, a memoire of Samira’s heart-rending childhood, surviving the emotional, sexual, physical abuse of her parents that led to her being removed from her home and siblings at the age of 12. In later years, again abandoned in her marriage as a result of the infidelities involving her then husband. Through it all, she believed in using her gifts to rise strong and support other women along the way in her mentoring, coaching programs, and live events.

Samira’s programs support women in both life and business, focusing on building the entire woman to be healthy, fabulous, and whole from a holistic perspective. She believes that if your life is not in order, then your business certainly cannot be in order. Everything that you do not deal with, will eventually deal with you. It is imperative to declutter, gain focus, clarity, and strategy around both your life as well as your personal business goals.

Featured in The Huffington Post late last winter, Samira described her journey and what pushes her to keep going even when the odds were stacked against her.

What’s next? Samira will be traveling on a 5 city tour in 2017 as well as hosting her annual “Girlfriend’s Discovering Our Strength” Retreat in September, where last year she had exciting speakers such as Comedienne, Kim Coles and The Chief Activator, Lucinda Cross. Her mission is for women to LEAP… Be Bold… Be Courageous… Have Faith… Be Inspired!
Session Topic: 6 Steps to Thinking Like a BOSS
MONI B. - Speaker | Makeup Artist | Founder of Moni B. Cosmetics, LLC

Moni has always had a love of makeup and started as a freelance makeup artist in her hometown of The Bronx, NY almost 20 years ago. After deciding to relocate due to a shift in the city after 9/11, Moni ended up in North Carolina. As her parents were from North Carolina she thought it would be an easy transition but, never considered there wasn’t much opportunity to work as a makeup artist. Moni never gave up her love of makeup and found herself often doing before & after makeup for family & friends. Tragedy struck in 2005 as she suddenly lost her father while expecting her son. A self pro-claimed “Daddy’s Girl”, Moni poured her time and attention into raising her new baby and makeup took a back seat. Then again tragedy occurred as she suddenly lost her best friend and Mother in 2013. It was at this time Moni truly understood how life should not be taken for granted and decided to live each day as if it were her last. Never leaving her makeup roots behind, Moni once again began to work as a freelance makeup artist doing weddings, photoshoots and movies while building her dream of owning her own cosmetics line. At the end of 2014, Moni combined her love of makeup with her desire to be an entrepreneur and Moni B. Cosmetics was born...

Now with her dream a reality, Moni strives to encourage women to Be Empowered and has even encouraged her son Bryce to be an entrepreneur as he has his own lip balm for boys and will soon debut SO FLY!, a scent created specifically for boys ages 8-14.

Moni B. Cosmetics, LLC is based in Raleigh, NC and features exciting lipglosses, bold lipstick colors, lip liners, and all natural lip scrubs. With retail locations in both Raleigh and Durham, her brand is quickly becoming a household name in the area and has donned the lips of Singer Jasmine Sullivan, Singer/Reality Star Towanda Braxton, and actress Erika Alexander just to name a few. Moni has also been a featured speaker at summits & seminars encouraging women focus on their inner beauty, move beyond their fears and leap into their destiny. In Spring 2017, Moni B. will start a new venture, The Glam Boutique by Moni B. offering beauty services through a team of professional makeup artists, hair stylists, nail techs, fashion stylists and other beauty professionals. 

Moni's story is one of fearlessness, drive, and motivation and she encourages everyone to always reach for the stars. A single Mom, Moni resides in Raleigh, NC with her 11 year old son Bryce.
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Blurb from a quote .... a MUST READ"
Review By John Smith
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like this book. It's SUPER, SUPER cool and the more I read it the more I want to read it again! In fact, I am going to start reading it again RIGHT NOW!!!
Another Awesome Blurb...
Review By Jane Doe
Oh yes!!! I'm pretty sure this is the greatest book of all time! There is just NO OTHER BOOK that is even half this cool. I promise...

"Never be afraid to invest in your dream! YOU are worth it!"

Cheryl Holland

"Never allow your past to intimidate your future!"

Cierra Michelle

"Entrepreneurship leads to a path of peace and prosperity!"

Mia Earl

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Sandra Chaney

Post an awesome testimonial from someone who thinks you're fascinating and really liked your book or free offer.

Cassandra Elliott

Post an awesome testimonial from someone who thinks you're fascinating and really liked your book or free offer.

Schan Ellis

"Always excel, never settle, excellence is the only option; Excellence in All!"

Michelle Edelen
Here's What People Are Saying About Conversations with Boss Women...
"My experience at Conversations with BOSS Women allowed the purpose within me to leap & become activated!
- Johnnise Judkins (Washington, DC)"
"Conversations with BOSS Women was phenomenal both spiritually & educationally. The sisterhood experience has inspired me to pursue my dreams & no longer be afraid to connect with others who can help make it happen!"
- Janelle Dawkins (Virginia)
"This event was life changing for me. One of the many things that stuck out to me was that I must first become a BOSS in my personal life before I can become a BOSS in business!"
- Christina Saunders (North Carolina) 
"Conversations with BOSS Women was eye opening & spiritually groundbreaking!"
- Heather Lesanes (Virginia)
"I was inspired to unlock my inner BOSS by applying the principles I learned. It was truly a divine encounter!
- Tiffani Koonce (North Carolina) 
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Learn How to Take Your Disappointments in Life and Turn Them Around for Your Benefit!
Interested in learning how you can take some of the most painful experiences in your life and turn them around to work in your favor? Maybe you have dealt with some traumatic situations that left you feeling as if you would never be anything, that you would never recover OR that you would always be stuck in the gutter. Well enters the The Entrepreneur Blueprint to the rescue!
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Sponsored by:
Everyone Is Responsible for Their Own Life!!!
Yup, that's matter how much you try to convince people otherwise, we are responsible for how we respond to situations that arise in our individual lives. Sure, we can’t control what happens to us but it up to us to take those lemons and not just make lemonade but CRUSH’EM (in the words of Dwayne “The ROCK” Johnson)!! 

The question still remains, "What are you going to do about your circumstances and situation?" Those that are successful in life recognize the brutal struggles they once faced and made a decision to use them as fuel to better themselves and produce a better life for their children and extended family as well. Within the pages of this book you will develop the courage to step out and live your dream as well as learn from others who have done it and are still climbing the success ladder!

No more doubting yourself! No more putting it off for have everything in you to become the successful entrepreneur that you desire to be. Everything that you ever needed was placed inside of you when you were born. The gifts and talents that you have will help you catapult yourself into entrepreneurial greatness!

Be inspired by the Kingdom Entrepreneurs of this book as they walk you through their own personal struggles and how they overcame some of the darkest times of their lives. These women did not make excuses but they owned their truth and understood that what they desired was much bigger than any fear they had of failing. While in pursuit of your life purpose it is important not to fear failure for every great man or woman who ever walked this earth experienced failure once, twice or even more times than we could ever count. But the key is they refused to give up and that must be your attitude: Not to quit until you win! Even then you will find a greater way to challenge and further yourself in your select industry.
So now what are you going to do? Are you going to continue to be miserable while not enjoying your life or job? Or are you going to take the plunge and TAKE ACTION TODAY? Register for the Event By Clicking Below!
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